Carissa Moore

Carissa Moore is a three-time World Champion from Honolulu, Hawaii, who, like John John Florence on the men’s side, grew up a surf media darling. She racked up eleven national titles during her dominant amateur career and arrived on the Championship Tour in 2010 posing an immediate threat to Stephanie Gilmore’s reign. She unleashed a paradigm shifting supply of power to the women’s field, notching two wins during her rookie season, and while she finished No. 3 that year she returned in 2011 even stronger, winning three events to claim her first World Title and end Gilmore’s incredible streak at four straight. From 2010 to 2015 Steph and Carissa passed the trophy back and forth three times battling for the hearts and minds of fans. It’s by far the best rivalry ever on the women’s side, yet there’s never been a whiff of animosity between the two, only gracious respect and awe. Moore’s public persona is as bright and optimistic as her surfing on the surface, while anchored in confidence. Clever, articulate and worldly, and it’s easy to see why she was a star student at Punahou High (the same school Barak Obama attended) where she met her husband, Luke Untermann. Carissa’s leveraged her fame to a number of good causes through the years. In 2010, after winning her first CT event in New Zealand, she donated her entire check to the local boardriders club in recognition of their hospitality. She’s spoken openly about the dangers of binge eating, sexism, and body shaming. And she’s an avid crusader for the environment. Moore won her last world title in 2015 and suffered through her career-worst slump last season. She won just one event and ended the year at No. 5. She freely admits she’s searching a little harder for motivation these days, but the increased amount of competition on Tour not only drives her, it makes her extremely proud.