Delivery & Returns

Need to return an item?
Returns are as Easy as 1-2-3!
  • Does my merchandise qualify for a return?
    • Checking to see if your merchandise qualifies for a return is as easy as answering 1-2-3 simple questions.

      1. CONDITION: Are all parts of merchandise still in original, brand-new condition, showing no sign of customization, wear, or use of any kind? If returning a video, CD, DVD, calendar, or game, is it still unopened and sealed inside its plastic wrap? If returning apparel, it is still plain, not customized with a name, number, or badge of any kind? ___ YES ___ NO

      2. COMPLETENESS: Have you enclosed all the original tags, badges, plastic wrap, box, wrench, etc. that arrived with your merchandise? If the item arrived as a set, have you enclosed all parts of the set, tops, bottoms, inserts, etc? ___ YES ___ NO

      3. RECENCY: Was the merchandise delivered less than 30 days ago? ___ YES ___ NO

      If you have answered NO to any of the questions above, please do NOT attempt to return your merchandise, as we will not be able to process your return and cannot ship the items back to you.

      If you have answered YES to ALL of the questions above, please follow the steps below to return your merchandise. Please contact us for assistance in returning large or heavy field equipment, or if you require special assistance in returning incorrectly shipped or defective merchandise.

  • Are there any exceptions to the qualifications listed above?
    • If you believe you have received the wrong item or a defective, we will extend your returns period to 60 days while we work with you to get you a replacement. We do not necessarily expect a defective item to be in original condition. We expect it to show signs of normal usage consistent with its purpose. If we mistakenly sent the wrong item, you must send it back in new condition for us to be able to send the correct item. Customized items are non-refundable but are still subject to the same quality guarantees are the rest of our merchandise.
  • How can I return items that qualify?
    • Sending your items back is as easy as taking 1-2-3 simple steps.

      1. INFORMATION: Complete the returns section on the back of your invoice. You can print another invoice from your confirmation email if the original invoice is not available. Enclose payment if the amount of your exchange will exceed the amount of your replacement. International Orders Only - Enclose credit card billing information or money order in US fund for $15 USD to ship international exchange items.

      2. SHIPPING: Select a shipping method that will guarantee delivery, and send your item to RETURNS Center, 1014 Corporate Park Drive, Mebane, NC 27302. If a return label arrived in the bottom left of your packing slip, you may use it to for an additional fee return your item.

      3. PROCESSING: Allow approximately 1-3 weeks after your return arrives back at our location to receive your replacement item or refund (less shipping costs). We do not usually charge to ship domestic exchange items back to you via standard ground shipping.

  • What if I want to return an item, but no longer have my invoice?
    • If you no longer have your invoice or if the back of your invoice is blank, you can print a copy of our online return form. Please be sure to include all relevant order and contact information including a daytime phone number.
  • How can I receive expedited returns processing?
    • Just contact us by phone to place a new order, and we will apply a ground shipping credit to your replacement order. Return shipping back to you is absolutely FREE if your shipping address is in the U.S. If you need expedited shipping, you pay only the upgrade fee. Then you can send your original item back for a refund anytime within 30 days of when you received it. When the original item arrives, we will issue a refund of your purchase price less shipping costs. This option gets the replacement item to you the fastest.
  • How long can i expect for shipping?
    • Our world class global shipping facility will deliver to you in the following time frames:


      *All garments are custom made to order. 3 - 4 days
      Tracking details may not appear for the first few days of sending. Once your item has been received with our international shipping hub then it is ready for tracking.


      * For other countries please ask our sales staff.
  • Do I have to Pay Import Duty?
    • Some countries are exempt from import duty/tax depending on the total purchase amount.

      Countries with NO import tax with are: Australia, Canada, Chile, China, France, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan and United States of America.

      Many other countries do not have tax if your total order value is under USD 50. These and some other countries have a higher freight cost as we will send your items divided to limit or avoid being over the taxed amount. For these destinations and others considered high tax countries, you will have items shipped separately and may or may not have tax. Please check with your local authorities if your country is listed as a high tax destination.

      Any questions, please feel free to chat to an online chat representative and we will offer any information we may have available.

      Express Shipping is an option at a higher cost where we can send to you faster and cover the additional tax and duties for you.

      Happy Surfing!